Ascorbic Acid

What is Ascorbic Acid?

Ascorbic Acid is pure vitamin C. It is a naturally occurring vitamin that most animals make for themselves. Unfortunately for us humans we don't produce any in our bodies so we have to eat or drink it. It is most abundant in fruits such as lemons, oranges, tomatoes, rose hips, sea buckthorn berries etc. It is an antioxidant which is something that prevents, as you might expect, oxidation, it helps to protect your cells from damage and in absorbing iron. It is for this last reason why you should contact your doctor before taking extra Ascorbic Acid if you have high iron levels. It is important not just in moping up free radicals in the body but in the formation and maintenance of tissues such as skin, bone, blood vessels, muscle, etc.. A lack of vitamin C is the cause of scurvy. The first signs of scurvy is easily bruising , broken veins, rashes, tiredness, muscle weakness, joint pain and even tooth loss.
I provide Ascorbic Acid here as a way to mop up chlorine in water, however my Ascorbic Acid is pharmaceutical grade. You don't need much Ascorbic Acid in UK tap water, just 1mg/0.001g ascorbic acid per litre just a tiny pinch per litre. In the US you need about 2mg per litre/10mg per 1 gallon based on 1PPM of chlorine, US tap water can legally contain 4 times that amount. Check the internet for your local tap water levels.
There's approximately 0.3g of Ascorbic Acid in a whole average lemon.

Always speak to your doctor before taking supplements.