Ginger Beer Plant

Ginger Beer Plant is a Composite Organism containing the bacterium, Brevibacterium and yeast Saccharomyces florentinus (Saccharomyces florentinus). It is totally natural and has been around for generations. Although natural, it exists as Ginger Beer Plant only with the help of people the two organisms don’t exist together in nature. It was only when humans brought the materials together in a stable environment that the ‘grains’ of Ginger Beer Plant formed. Although it is possible to have this happen again it is extremely unlikely to happen spontaneously as the two organisms aren’t easy to get together in ingredients we can buy in the modern world. The lactobacillus is easy, it exists on all kinds of vegetables including cabbage. The yeast is a different story, it’s thought it arrived on raw sugar cane but it has not been isolated in modern sugar cane.

The Ginger Beer Plant is similar to Water Kefir Grains but the bacterium is a different species though closely related. Because it is closely related the Ginger Beer Plant is very easily overtaken by it’s cousin so we at The Ginger Beer Plant only have Ginger Beer Plant and no other cultures. If you look after your Ginger Beer Plant there’s no reason it should be with you and your decedents for generations too.