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A company on eBay are suggesting that "Trading Standards do not permit [them] to sell [Ginger Beer Plant] due to Health and Safety concerns". This is nonsense. The reason they don't sell true GBP is because there is not enough profit in it for them. They site This company actually says "Due to health and safety considerations we are no longer able to supply the culture to the public as its exact composition is unknown to us." They are simply saying that their own companies decision is to not sell the culture to the public. They don't say it is illegal or unhealthy.

I provide you with GBP to keep it alive in the community. It is not easy to grow GBP for sale as the GBP grows very slowly. It won't be doubling every week. I have to maintain a lot of ginger beer to supply the few orders a week that I get. I am a small company keeping Ginger Beer Plant alive, however I am professional about every order and aim to give you the best service for your money. You can be happy to have the genuine article and sleep sound knowing that your GBP has survived and been maintained for hundreds of years as a truly wild organism and will be with you for generations to come.