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Ginger Beer Plant


What is Special Acid Blend?

Special Acid Blend is a mixture of natural fruit acids designed to replicate the use of lemon for occasions when you either don't have any lemon, you don't want to cut a whole lemon for just a squirt or you don't want the flavour of lemon because you are using a different fruit that has little acidity.
It is useful especially for those with a citrus intolerance as it contains none of the oils that those affected by intolerance are most sensitive to.

What else can you do with the Special Acid Blend (SAB)?

1 level teaspoon of SAB is 2.66g or 2 and 2/3 of a gram. 1 level tablespoon of SAB is 14.8 g.
4g of SAB is the same as a lemon.
If your recipe for cheese suggests 4 lemons for 4 pints of milk at 80C then just pop in 16g or a level tablespoon of SAB instead.
Making Buttermilk/yogurt substitute. To make buttermilk for scones and other baked goods use just 1g, a good pinch or 1/2 a teaspoon of SAB in a 240ml cup of milk.
Making farm cheese, quick mozzarella or cottage cheese. Anything you'd use lemon for. And
Add to Sugar, add some flavouring for a sherbet dip or 'Fun Dip'. Add some bicarbonate of soda to it for fizz in the mouth.
Coat home made sweets for extra tart taste.
Add a pinch to cooking to add a little acidity if, say, a stew, etc is a little fatty.
For descale the kettle
Getting lime scale off from around the taps and the sink. See below. You don't need much and it works a treat. I priced Kettle Descaler in Tesco, my SAB is cheaper per gram. If you're using it to ed-scale your kettle then you know it's safe to drink from afterwards. If there's a bit of water left after making a cup of tea, just a pinch or two of this in the kettle while it's still hot brings it up a treat. Just rinse it out with cold water before using again.
Add a teaspoon to a cup of warm water and run it through your coffee maker. Rinse with a cup of fresh water afterwards.
Add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of hot water, dip in a piece of kitchen towel/paper, wrap it around the end of your scaled up tap, leave for 10 minutes then scrub with an old tooth brush. Repeat if needed. This works on shower heads too.
Sprinkle a pinch around your taps when you're cleaning your sink. It will sparkle with no effort.

Ascorbic Acid

What is Ascorbic Acid?

Ascorbic Acid is pure vitamin C. It is a naturally occurring vitamin that most animals make for themselves. Unfortunately for us humans we don't produce any in our bodies so we have to eat or drink it. It is most abundant in fruits such as lemons, oranges, tomatoes, rose hips, Sea Buckthorn berries etc. It is an antioxidant which is something that prevents, as you might expect, oxidation, it helps to protect your cells from damage and in absorbing iron. It is for this last reason why you should contact your doctor before taking extra Ascorbic Acid if you have high iron levels. It is important not just in moping up free radicals in the body but in the formation and maintenance of tissues such as skin, bone, blood vessels, muscle, etc.. A lack of vitamin C is the cause of scurvy. The first signs of scurvy is easily bruising , broken veins, rashes, tiredness, muscle weakness, joint pain and even tooth loss.
I provide Ascorbic Acid here as a way to mop up chlorine in water, however my Ascorbic Acid is pharmaceutical grade. You don't need much Ascorbic Acid in UK tap water, just 1mg/0.001g Ascorbic acid per litre just a tiny pinch per litre. In the US you need about 2mg per litre/10mg per 1 gallon based on 1PPM of chlorine, US tap water can legally contain 4 times that amount. Check the internet for your local tap water levels.
There's approximately 0.3g of Ascorbic Acid in a whole average lemon.

Always speak to your doctor before taking supplements.

Cream of Tartar

What is cream of tartar?

Cream of tartar also known as Potassium bitartrate is an acid buffer. It is a natural byproduct of the wine making industry you can sometimes find crystals of it at the bottom of a bottle of wine. It's totally natural and safe to eat.

It is mainly used for baking and is widely available in the UK but not so much in Europe. Mix it with Bicarbonate of Soda to making Baking Powder. Note that Bicarbonate of Soda is often wrongly called Baking Powder in some recipes particularly in the US.

It's main use in ginger beer making is as a buffer, it will maintain a pH of 3.5 when in excess that means when you put more in than can dissolve. If something, like the Ginger Beer Plant decreases the pH then more cream of tartar will crystallise out of the ginger beer so increasing the pH. Conversely should something increase the pH then more cream of tartar will dissolve and lower the pH. It is very useful as it stabilises the environment for the Ginger Beer Plant and produces a well balanced ginger beer. It's also said to improve the head of the ginger beer.

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Thank you for the very fast dispatch Our GBP arrived quickly, it was a breeze to use and is bubbling away nicely. My kids love it. Thank you.

Terry Ellis, Leicester

Your service is wonderful. I've bought GBP and top ups from you a few times now over the last few years. Your packaging is always really neat, the instructions you send are so helpful and I can't tell you how many of my friends have said how lovely the ginger beer is that I make.

Carla Hendricks, Milwaukee

Durham, UK