Syrup Calculator

f you're still using the old Imperial English System click here.

If you're starting from Juice and want to work out how much sugar and how much syrup you'll get so you can decide what bottle to use then click here.

Use this page to calculate how much sugar and water/liquid to add to get a syrup of a specific volume in ml.

First off, trust these figures, I know they're going to seem wrong, it looks like you're putting in way more sugar that would fit in the jar but it does work, I use it all the time. Let's say you have a bottle you want to fill with a 70% syrup. If you know it's a 100ml bottle then great just type in '100' to the 'ml' box below. If you don't know the volume of the bottle then click here. By the way 100ml of water is roughly 100g

Totatl Syrup: ml - and Percentage sugar : %

Total Sugar: g

Total Water: g/ml

Total Syrup: g Don't forget this doesn't equal ml anymore.