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Over the last couple of years there has been a huge increase in the number of competitors adding the Ginger Beer Plant (GBP) to their list of cultures. The culture market is a very small niche, there is just not enough customers to go around. I get asked regularly how many orders I get a month by people wanting a slice of the market. It just can't be divided and dived much longer. As a result I am just breaking even but the orders are decreasing all the time. I'm not sure I'll honestly be able to renew the website next time around. I keep going because I am the only person making the GBP available without contamination from other cultures so please, please, please support the Ginger Beer Plant and buy your GBP from us, the longest standing supplier, for 9 years, 7 months, 25 days now so you can be happy in the knowledge that you have the real thing and that you have helped ensure others have a source of pure Ginger Beer Plant in years to come. Click Here to buy your own Ginger Beer Plant. Saturday 21/10/2017

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My Ginger Beer Plant is the original Ginger Beer Plant containing the yeast and bacterium Saccharomyces florentinus (formerly S. pyriformis) and Lactobacillus hilgardii (formerly Brevibacterium vermiforme). I am not a big brand I am just some guy working really hard to keep pure, unmixed Ginger Beer Plant in the community. When I started the previous incarnation of this website 10 years, 1 month, 20 days ago the Ginger Beer Plant was, to most, just a memory. A number of members of the yahoo group got together to buy a pure sample of Ginger Beer Plant from a culture bank in Germany in 2006 and in the nick of time too as since 2007/8 they no longer offer it. Other sites offer Tibicos fed ginger as GBP and some have the real thing but since they also culture other similar cultures the overwhelming chances are that you'll get a mixture of different cultures because, a culture is microorganism, on the scale of micrometers, not surprisingly, hence the name. Because it's a microorganism, being extremely tiny, you can't see it with the naked eye and so, it can be moved about without your knowledge on your hands, a fly's feet, a tiny scratch in a spoon or the nooks an crannies of wooden utensils. It can be moved about from culture to culture unless everything is thoroughly sterilised between feeds. But remember children and animals don't respect hygiene rules. I am certain that it is by the mixing of other cultures that the Ginger Beer Plant was lost in the first place and if I am forced out of business it will happen again. If you look at the analysis of the other similar cultures they contain bits of the Ginger Beer Plant culture. So, if you have other cultures please don't share your GBP as Ginger Beer Plant without making it very clear to the person you're giving it to the history.

My Ginger Beer Plant is that as described by Harry Marshall Ward. It went out of circulation once please don't let it happen again. Please get your GBP from me. We've been there since the beginning and want the Ginger Beer Plant to be around after I've gone.

Making naturally fermented ginger beer, lemonade, mead, iced tea, or any flavour you can imagine is just child's play using this our Ginger Beer Plant. Have a go yourself or with the kids. It's a great project over the holidays, simple, fun, and so rewarding. Learn about how two organisms cooperate to make refreshing ginger beer. Watch the little Puffed Rice like grains bob up and down in the sun like a living Lava lamp. Click Here to buy your own Ginger Beer Plant. This is what the Ginger Beer Plant looks like dried.