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The Ginger Beer Plant is unique in enabling you to buy geinuine Ginger Beer Plant (GBP) from a known, verified source. Click Shop to get prices which vary depending how much you order and where you live. Shipping prices are also displayed.

My Ginger Beer Plant has never in it's history been cultured along side any other cultures so when you make an order from me you can be sure you are getting the original Ginger Beer Plant containing the yeast and bacterium Zygosaccharomyces florentinus and Brevibacterium vermiforme . I am not a big brand I am just some guy working really hard to keep pure, unmixed Ginger Beer Plant in the community. It is only 8 years since the Ginger Beer Plant was just a memory. A number of members of the yahoo group got together to buy a pure sample of Ginger Beer Plant from a culture bank in Germany and in the nick of time too as since then they no longer offer it. Oyher sites offer Tibicos fed ginger as GBP and some have the real thing but since they also culture other similar cultures there's no way of telling if you'll get a mixture of different cultures. I believe this is how the Ginger Beer Plant was lost in the first place. If you look at the analysis of the other similar cultures they usually contain bits of the Ginger Beer Plant culture. This is a bit like, well imagine no longer being able to buy pure yellow paint, you can get slightly yellow paint, you can get orange, cream and green but true yellow, bright, clear, sunny yellow has gone. That would be sad. So that's why I don't offer any other cultures because I want you and everyone else to be able to get the Ginger Beer Plant our grandparents remember growing up with. Ours is the Ginger Beer Plant as described by Harry Marshal Ward.
Making naturally fermented ginger beer, lemonade, mead, iced tea, or any flavour you can imagine is just child's play using this authentic Ginger Beer Plant. Have a go yourself or with the kids. It's a great project over the holidays, simple, fun, and so rewarding. Learn about how two organisms cooperate to make refreshing ginger beer. Watch the little Puffed Rice like grains bob up and down in the sun like a living Lava lamp. Click Here to get your own Ginger Beer Plant. This is what a batch of Ginger Beer Plant looks like dried and packed.

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